Salim Saleh Moham’d : In a comprehensive interview with sabanet

Interviewed by: Adel Al-Silwey

· Amnesty decision is an act towards the reconciliation of the political reality and a genuine advance in the vision of the decision maker.
· Al-Beadh should initiate contact and gives thanks to the amnesty decision ,.. leaders must get the president’s message.
· Ali Abdullah Saleh is a leader of a tender-hearted , the whole should ally with his historic leadership.
· Yemeni Socialist Party should reformulate its relations towards more convergence with the General People Congress (GPC) … the president didn’t offer me affiliation to the GPC and I have no aspiration to any position.
Sabanet :- You have returned to the homeland after eight years of deportation. what are your impressions about the most prominent.

– achievements that made over this period ?
— “ We have seen a comprehensive change , particularly in the infrastructure of the eastern region whether in the services sector or in the development sector, especially the concentration on the sector of the fishy wealth , oil and agriculture in addition to the tangible care of the promising tourist sector in the governorates of Hudramout and Al-Maharh.
I’ve seen also a perfect change in the urban areas , the roads and hotels , this is naturally reflects the improvement in the living conditions of the people.

— Sabanet :- The opposition sparked a wide scope of reproof on the upshots of the recent elections . From your point of view, did the results reflect the factual bulk of the political parties in the country and the Socialist Party in particular ?
– I think , the base on which these elections were held , it was the organization and fair and the monitoring wasn’t only from the side of opposition parties but also there were local and international monitors but if there were some mistakes or outlaws events in some constituencies that doesn’t represent the main base of the elections , and I think the law has secured to tackle suchlike issues and it happened that courts did receive such impeachments and processed them at once.

With respect to the results which the Yemeni socialist Party has obtained , the leadership of the party represented by the Political Bureau and the Central Committee has reviewed this process and evaluated the outcomes and the party accepted its currently existence in the parliament.

— Sabanet:- Some say that “ Salim Saleh Moham’d is in-between neither he is of the ruling authority nor of the opposition. Where do you stand at the present ? and are you still belonged to the Socialist Party ?
– Salim: I’m affiliating to the Socialist Party and my political career is stamped by its history, but since the war of 1994 there are much changes and new visions have been taking place , I believe that the political mind ought to deal with these changes , and the president Ali Abdullah Saleh represents the mind who assimilates these changes so I think it is important to combine the efforts around his leadership in this historic stage.

— Sabaaaanet :- Could we understand that your sluggish political activity or its frozen that’s been noted since your return is an expression of your dissatisfaction with the organizational situation of the party at the moment ?
– Salim : There were bunch of visions but in the wake of the death of Gar-Allah Omer suchlike dialogues that we were running with some leaders had stopped especially after the historic decision issued by his excellency the president of the Republic in repealing the verdicts which were handed down against the so-called the sixteen’s list , a matter means that we entered a new era domestically and externally.

— Sabanet :- The presidential amnesty decision for those who were known as the list of the sixteen . From your point of view , does the decision represent a step towards the reconciliation of the political reality in the country or has it come to reflect the genuine upgrading in the perspective of the decision maker ?
– Salim : Both of the them together .

— Sabanet:- How do you view the future of the political activity of the party’s leaders who are included by the amnesty decision ?
– Salim : Now there is no justification for their retirement of politics. The leaders who are included by the amnesty decision should take the hint that the president sent and they ought to align themselves with this historic leadership and its policy , since we have entered a new era after the events of the September 11th the whole must precisely assimilate that because there is no other option for us but solidarity and to enhance democracy and the national action as well as to get ride of any split in the political practice and to join all our efforts for development.

— Sabanet:- Do you expect the return of Mr. Ali Salim Al-Beadh ? or have you got any idea about this issue ?
– salim : You have to pose this question to him and it is supposed of Mr. Ali Salim Al-Beadh to contact and to give thanks to the decision of the president who is a man of kind-hearted and a leader makes you feel that as if he is your father.

— Sabanet :- Is there any arrangements for the return of the socialists leaders were discussed ?
– Salim: The meeting with the president that was held in Abo-Dhabea has guaranteed to tackle the situations of the leaders and over the last two days some military cadres returned to the homeland among of them brigadier Abdul-Hadi Omer Dyan and Mothanna Salim Askar and others who were living in Abo-Dhabea.

— sabanet: Following the return of you and the socialist leaders how do you envisage the future of the socialist party’s relations with the other political powers ? and would the party have to re formulate its coalations ?
– Salim :There is an extremely necessity to reformulate the party’s relations and to broaden its coalatios dialogues with the others , specifically with the General People Congress (GPC) and the president of the Republic.

— Sabanet:- What are the points of convergence between the GPC and Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) ?
– Salim: There are many convergence’s issues between the two parties as they are the two parties or organizations that brought about the unification , the greatest progression in the modern history of Yemen. Thus , they went on together to consolidate the democracy option , so they are partners and too close to each other.

— Sabanet :- How do you assess the ongoing alliance between the socialist party and the Yemeni Congregation for Reform ? and could the ideologies and discrepancy between the left and the right help in aborting suchlike alliance in the future ?
– Slim: There is no objection to set up some specific political coalitions. …the importance is that each party should have its own blueprint and it must be characterized by its stances and the things it represents for the society. All parties should evaluate their currently positions in the light of the domestically and regional variables in order to put political plans that fit status quo. This doesn’t mean conflict , I don’t call for conflict , there is a base for political practice , it is the base of democracy .

— Sabanet :-How do you look on the call of the president of the Republic for the national alignment in the light of the ongoing challenges and conditions ?
– Salim : It is a great call and we have to secure the achievement of its aims it needs also to exert efforts by whole to perform its great goal.

— Sabanet :- If you are nominated to participate in a cabinet , would you agree ?
– Salim : My faculties are extremely humble and I’ve no aspiration to any position and thanks to the president for his decision of appointing me as his advisor .

Salim Saleh Moham’d.
No 11 in the list of the 16.
He was born in1944 in the region of Habee Guber, Radfan district in the governorate of Luhj.
-One of the veterans of the liberation war ,who took part in the battles against the British colony .
-Graduated from a military college of the Russian Union.
-Holding a number of military positions.
_Elected as a member of Central Committee of the Yemeni socialist Party in its exceptional conference in 1980.
-Kept working in the ministry of Defense until his deportation in 1994.

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