National delegation condemns removing Saudi-led coalition from list of children’s rights violators


KUWAIT, June 07 (Saba) – The national delegation participating in Kuwait consultations condemned Tuesday the United Nations’ retraction of its decision to insert the Saudi-led coalition in the list of children’s rights violators in Yemen.

The delegation considered the United Nations’ response to the extortion and pressure is immoral and inhumane act, which makes doubt in any position will be issued later.

During a meeting held by the committee of prisoners and detainees in the national delegation today [Tuesday] with the United Nations delegate at Bayan Palace, the national delegation held the United Nations responsible for obstructing the work of the committee for more than a week and for hampering the direct sessions with the members of the committee in Riyadh’s delegation .

The committee of prisoners and detainees and the national delegation demanded the United Nations to set a date and a specific time for releasing the first batch of the prisoners, whose number is (137) from each side, after Riyadh’s delegation recognized this number.

In this regard, the committee called for achieving something practical on the ground, instead of procrastination and deluding the public opinion that the United Nations and consultations are advancing at the humanitarian file.


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