National delegation demands Riyadh’s delegation to agree on roadmap, consensual authority


KUWAIT, May 07 (Saba) – A joint session of talks was held Saturday in Kuwait between the national delegation and Riyadh’s delegation under the auspices of the UN envoy to Yemen.

At the meeting, the national delegation asked Riyadh’s delegation to agree on a time-bound roadmap and a consensual authority.

During the session, the national delegation pointed to the arrival of US troops in southern Yemen and Al-Anad airbase, as well as the military reinforcements and the continued escalation of the aggression and its mercenaries.

“What is your position from the US forces at military bases in Yemen? Do these forces take permission from you? "the national delegation questioned Riyadh’s delegation.

Riyadh’s delegation denied any presence of US forces in Yemen, describing those forces as belonging to the Saudi-led coalition.

The national delegation also touched on the suffering of Yemeni passengers and the obstacles they face at the Saudi and Jordanian airports.


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