Aggression’s hirelings continue to breach ceasefire in Mareb


MAREB, May 03 (Saba) – The Saudi aggression’s mercenaries continued, for the 23rd day in a row, to breach the ceasefire in Mareb province, a security official said Tuesday.

The security official told Saba that the mercenaries’ artillery continued to bomb citizens’ houses in Serwah district, leaving large damage in the houses.

He pointed out that the army and popular committees foiled an attempt by the aggression mercenaries to infiltrate toward the army sites in al-Ashqari area in Serwah.

The mercenaries targeted the army and popular committees’ locations in Hailan mountain and al-Mashjah area with mortar shells, the official said.

He added that the aggression’s warplanes kept flying at a low level in the sky of Serwah district, opening the sound barrier.

At the western parts of the province, the aggression hirelings attacked with Katyusha missiles the sites of the army and popular committees in al-Harim mountain and al-Mabda’a and al-Madarej areas in Nehm, while the hostile war jets were flying.


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