70 per cent of al-Qaeda militants in Yemen are foreigners: Hadi says


SANA’A, April 29 (Saba)- President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi disclosed on Tuesday that 70 per cent of al-Qaeda elements in Yemen are foreigners, from Brazil, Netherlands, Australia, France, and other countries.

"Those foreigners don’t care about Yemen’s situation even if they destroyed it,” the President mentioned.

He added during a speech delivered before graduates in a graduation ceremony of the 25th patch, Master degree in rights, police science from police academy, that there are several conspiracies against Yemen.

Hadi stressed the importance of completing the process of restructuring the Interior Ministry, saying the process is going on in a practical and delicate manner.

Regarding to the process of restructuring the military forces, the President pointed out that the first stage of restructure has completed, while the whole process is going on to be completed in full.

Also the President emphasized the importance of restoring the security and stability in the country.

"Most foreign companies demonstrated their readiness to invest in the country but with a guarantee to provide them a suitable secure condition,” the President said. He added "The security is the fundamental of stability and investment.”

Further, the President accentuated on the importance of cooperating among Yemen’s army and security forces and citizens in order to improve the security’s situation in the country.

"Yemen is rich with oil, gas, iron, lead, gold and various minerals, however, the stability and security in the country is basically demands of foreign companies,” the President stated.

Moreover, the President touched upon the loss of Yemen in various sectors, including tourism, investments, trade, and economy due to the terrorism. "The terrorism impeded the future’s progress in Yemen,” Hadi said.

He stated that Yemen has experienced different kinds of problems and challenges, urging all Yemeni people, political powers, civil society organizations and seculars to work together in order to overcome those challenges.

"34 oil and gas companies left the country due to the security situation,” the President concluded.

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