G10 Ambassador’s statement on conclusion of Yemen National Dialogue


SANA’A, Nov. 21 (Saba)- 21 November 2013, marks the second anniversary of the signing of the GCC Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism that represents a secure road map to achieve the political transition in a united Yemen that goes hand-in-hand with the aspiration of the people, in particular women and youth.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors avail themselves of this opportunity to congratulate the people of
Yemen on the very significant success that the inclusive National Dialogue Conference has achieved so far. Through its working groups, it has already produced many thoughtful and constructive recommendations on constitutional, legislative, and other issues that will pave the way for a better future for all Yemenis.

Nevertheless, the Group of Ten Ambassadors has noticed with concern that the Conference work has continued two months beyond its planned end date and regrets that some parties have brought the transition process to a halt by suspending their participation or threatening to do so. Yet the most challenging issues remain unresolved.

Unfortunately, some of the parties currently engaged in negotiations have taken positions that are impeding progress, rather than facilitating resolution of these outstanding issues. The Group of Ten Ambassadors urges all parties to remain engaged and redouble their efforts to quickly reach agreement on a way forward. Such a way forward should entail agreement on general principles on the future of the State. This will then form the basis for the work of the Constitutional Drafting Committee, as set out in the GCC Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors strongly urges the NDC to finalise its work as soon as possible as we approach the second anniversary of the GCC Initiative signing and the next briefing of the United Nations’ Security Council on 27 November.

As the National Dialogue Conference approaches its end, the Group of Ten Ambassadors urges Yemen to show the world that a peaceful transition is possible and to act as a role model for those countries in the region that are now embarking on their own national dialogues. Such a peaceful transition will provide hope to the people of Yemen, who want to see their future improve under a government and political process that is able to deliver security, basic services and economic growth.

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