FM source comments on fallacies of Arab League statement on Yemen

SANAA, Aug. 21 (Saba) – An official source at the Foreign Ministry condemned the statement issued by the Arab League Secretariat on Tuesday which included a number of fallacies related to developments in the situation in the Yemeni arena.
The source explained in a statement to Saba news agency” That the statement of the Arab League and its habit since the beginning of the aggression on Yemen it shows how undergo dependent the leadership of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States for the orders and directions of the Saudi-UAE aggression alliance and its clear departure from the objectives and principles of the Charter of the University.”

He said ” the statement did not tells about suffering of 27milion citizens due to the military aggression and the total siege five years ago which led to the worst humanitarian disaster in the world in modern times.”
The source stressed that the impact of the strength of Saudi-Emirati money in the management of the Arab League has overwhelmed the principles and human values the exercise of the right to self-defense has become a crime for some in the League of Arab States.
He added ” Instead of the Arab League playing its part in exerting good offices to end the aggression against the Yemeni people , it condemns the army and people’s committees defending the Republic of Yemen and targeting military and vital sites in the Saudi state of aggression”.

The source called on the Arab League Secretariat and its Secretary General to review its files and correspondence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the beginning of the aggression to take advantage of repeated calls for political leadership in Sana’a by conducting a just and honorable peace approach instead of issuing paid data in favor of the unjust war on Yemen, it demonstrates the inability of the current leadership of the League to carry out its duties towards Member States as stipulated in the Charter of the League of Arab States to enhance the atmosphere of peace in the region.


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