President Saleh orders to solve remaining issues of pensioners prior to mid November

ADEN,  (Saba)- During his meeting with representatives of military and security pensioners, President Ali Abullah Saleh directed on Saturday officials in ministries of defense and interior to solve issues left unsettled of pensioners before the deadline of November 15.

President also directed Committee of Solving Lands Issues, headed by Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, to create solutions for issues of lands of military and civil people, giving orders to construct specialized offices across the country focusing on taking care of pensioners and families of martyrs and veterans.

He addressed pensioners saying that you have to curb the chance of those who want to exploit retirees’ issue and make it a means to harm the homeland and the national unity.

Saleh expressed sorrow on riots which took place in al-Habilein district on October 13, saying that the blood spilled there is "Yemeni and we are keen on preserving blood of all our nationals and we have directed judiciary apparatus to start quick investigations with all suspected elements. "

"The unity is a great achievement and a fruit of expensive struggle by our people and no-one can harm it," he commented.

Pensioners, regarding this matter, have valued president’s directions for solving their issues, confirming that unity is the fate and destination of Yemen and that they will stay loyal to their national role in facing any one who wants to harm unity or stability of the nation.


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