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Print date: 20-02-2019
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Minister of Human Rights: aggression makes of Yemen children military objectives

SAADA, Aug.12 (Saba) –"Saudi aggression made of the Yemeni people, children, the elderly and women military targets." Human rights minister Alia Faisal Abdullatif said.
The Minister said at a conference held Saturday in US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplane crime scene, in Dhahyan city that students massacre toll reached 51 killed, 79 injured, plus 15 unidentified bodies among the martyrs three teachers, the bus driver and another teacher was injured.
The bus was carrying students from al-Jamea' al-Kabeer school in Dhahyan to al-Shohada grave and the mosque of Imam Hadi in Saada, Alia also said.
Minister Alia welcomed the condemnation of international organizations and the United Nations on crime. Call the international community and the Security Council to form an independent and impartial International Commission of inquiry into this crime and working to stop the aggression, lift the siege and to bring offenders before the courts. And invited the people of the world to stand by the Yemeni people.