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Print date: 20-01-2019
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: Army inflicts heavy casualties on Saudi soldiers, mercenaries in combat fronts
SANAA, June 13 (Saba) - Yemen's Ministry of Defense said that the Yemeni army waged military operations against sites of Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries over the past hours, killing and wounding dozens, a military official told Saba.
In Bayda province, the specialized units of the army carried out an attack against sites of the mercenaries in al-Jasimaih and al-Alam hilltop, killing and injuring scores of the mercenaries.
In Taiz province, the army waged a tactical offensive on the mercenaries in sites of al-Jubiraih and al-Safra, al-Safinah, al-Jazirah and al-Sawda hilltops, causing heavy casualties upon the militiamen.
In Jizan province, the army destroyed a military bulldozer in Bojan site and hit gatherings of Saudi soldiers in al-Khashel schools, hitting the targets directly.
In Najran governorate, the army waged a raid and an artillery and rocket shelling on gatherings of the Saudi military groups and the mercenaries in the positions of Shaja, Nahuqah and al-Hamady, inflicting heavy losses among the militias.
Jawf province, three military vehicles of mercenaries were destroyed by the army in al-Sabrain and al-Mahamashah areas. Also, the army retook over several sites in al-Ajashar fronts.
Saada governorate, the army carried out a military operation against the mercenaries in Amod al-dhiaq site.
In Asir province, the army fired Katyusha rockets towards gatherings of the mercenaries in sites of Majazah and al-Masial, the official added.
Ali Ahsan