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Fighting corruption is one of pillars of state building: President al-Mashat
[08 July 2019]
Gov't, Shura Council discuss joint tasks within national vision
[08 July 2019]
Deputy PM launches work in executive, coordination units of national vision
[08 July 2019]
Public Works Ministry launches work according to 1st phase plan of national vision
[08 July 2019]
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[08 July 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Yemeni force target a military vehicle carrying mercenaries off Najran
[09 July 2019]
Yemeni army targets Saudi Airport, Power Station in Abha
[09 July 2019]
Katyusha, "Zilzal-1" missiles targeting mercenaries' gatherings in Hajjah
[09 July 2019]
Army' drone , artillery unit targets mercenaries' gatherings in Taiz
[08 July 2019]
Army firs Katusha missiles on mercenaries' gatherings in Taiz
[08 July 2019]
When will the suffering end in Yemen?
[07 July 2019]
_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport
[10 June 2019]
3 children injured with aggression' artillery in Hodeidah, Saada: Reports
[27 May 2019]
US-Saudi aggression wages residential neighborhoods , vital installations over 24 past hours in Hodeidah: Reports
[27 May 2019]
Aggression forces continue to breach Hodeidah agreement, hit Taiz, Saada over 24 past hours : Reports
[25 May 2019]
FM confirms Govt's commitment to provide all facilities to humanitarian orgs
[09 July 2019]
FM congratulates Venezuelan Foreign Minister on National Day
[05 July 2019]
Head of national delegation meets UN envoy
[04 July 2019]
Humanitarian crisis in Yemen the worst in the world: Report
[04 July 2019]
FM condemns Israeli occupation attacks on Syria
[03 July 2019]
Army inflicts on coalition-led forces heavy losses on various fronts over last hours : Report
PROVINCES, May 14 (Saba) – Tens of US-saudi aggression coalition’ invaders and mercenaries were killed and injured when the army inflicted on their forces heavy losses on various fronts, a military official told Saba.

The official affirmed that air force’s drones jointly with artillery units attacked gathering of Saudi army and their mercenaries off Sudis, Najrna province, a military official told Saba.

The official affirmed that the army launched two attacks on hilltops and sites of mercenaries off Sudis which resulted in killing and injuring tens of them, adding that the artillery force had shelled the enemy’s troops before starting the attack, which doubled the impact of the attack.

He said that the army launched another attack on sites of mercenaries in Talaa which resulted in imposing full control on two sites, where the enemy forces were stationing, and to the seize of a large quantities of various weapons.

The missile force fired two Zilzal-1 missiles at gatherings of the mercenaries in Akeefa complex, he said, adding that a pick-up loaded with mercenaries exploded killing its crew’s members.

He added that the artillery force bombarded gatherings of mercenaries off Qais mount, Najran province, leaving huge losses in their ranks, he said, adding that three military vehicles belonging to the mercenaries were ambushed by the engineering units west of Nar mount, off Jizan, which resulted in killing their crew’s members.

The army foiled an infiltration by mercenaries covered by the artillery and air force of coalition, he said, adding that failed attempt took place east of Jahfan and left huge losses in the enemy’s ranks.

Off M.B.C. mou8nt the army foiled another infiltration covered by the Apache and warplanes of coalition, which resulted in killing and wounding scores of them, he said.

In Asir, the army destroyed a pick-up killing and injuring its crew’s members, when the artillery force shelled their groups in Rabouaa, he said, adding that the army stormed sites of mercenaries in Salan camp, Masloub district, Jawf prorvince, which resulted in killing and wounding tens of them.

The artillery shelling during the attack doubled the impact of the attack, he added.

The artillery force shelled groups of mercenaries in Wazaaia junction, Taiz province, he said, adding that the army shelled gatherings of mercenaries in Hayran district, Hajjah province killing and wounding tens.


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