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[26 May 2019]
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
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[25 May 2019]
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[19 May 2019]
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[20 May 2019]
Health Ministry: 92 to 95% of medical devices are out of service in hospitals
[19 May 2019]
FM Meets with Deputy Resident Representative of UNICEF
[19 May 2019]
Army kills dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries in military attacks : Report


PROVINCES, Feb. 23 (Saba) – Dozens of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries were killed in military attacks and engineering units ambushes by the army, repelling their infiltrations, while a missile and artillery shelling targeted their troops inflicted them huge losses in their military equipments over the24 past hours, a military official told Saba.

The commander of the so-called brigadier general Saleh Nasser Bal-Aid al-Marqashi and two of his comrades Safwan Ahmad Kamel and Rami Thabet Mohammad were shot dead by the army and popular Committees fire in Moraba of Shage'a in Najran sector, said the official.

In also Najran, three mercenaries were killed by the fire of the army in Moraba of Shage'a.

In Najran also, in al-Sudais, two military vehicles carrying mercenaries were destroyed in an explosion killing all its crew members, while another two were destroyed during their infiltration in Reshaha lasted for hours, killing and injuring dozens.

In off al-Sudais, dozens of the Saudi soldiers mercenaries were killed and injured by targeted them with number of Katyusha rockets, while an artillery shelling targeted troops of mercenaries in al-Sawh area, killing and injuring dozens including leaders.

In also Najran, gatherings of Saudi soldiers were fired in al-Hamad with a number of artillery shelling and another troops were targeted in Raqabah Marash and Raqabah al-Manarah.

  In Jizan, dozens of the mercenaries were killed including a leader in a unique ambush carried out by the engineering unit east of Jahfan, and a Saudi soldier was shot dead in Mashal site, while the artillery was targeted the Saudi soldiers and mercenaries gatherings in al-Kaoob site.

In Asir, a number of mercenaries were killed and injured in an attack on their sites off Aleb border crossing.

In Bayda province, the army supported by popular forces carried out a unique military attack on the mercenaries sites in Fadhha area in Nate'a front controlled and pounded the mercenaries from many sites and killed the two commanders Colonel Abdullah Abu Eshah and Ahmed Saif Bahibah.

In Bayda also, the unique attack killing three mercenaries.

In Nate'a also, a military vehicle was destroyed in an explosion killing and injuring all its crew members in Fadhha front.

In Jawf province, a wide offensive of the army targeted the mercenaries sites in al-Maslub district,  preceded by combing heavy and medium weapons on the enemy fortifications inflicted them, killing and injuring dozens.

In Jawf also,  the offensive came after careful monitoring and was carried out from three tracks the first from Wadi Waqz, the second from Sadah and the third track from the mercenaries, and a number of other mercenaries were killed and injured by a blast in Ham front.

In Taiz province, dozens of the mercenaries were killed and wounded in an ambush of the engineering unit in Hemiar front, an attack targeted the mercenaries sites in the sides of Damt district of al-Dhale province inflicted the enemy, killing and injuring dozens in their ranks.



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