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Presidential decree approving national vision for state building issued
[20 April 2019]
Parliament Speaker meets leaders of people with special needs
[20 April 2019]
Presidential decree issued appointing 3 Shura members
[20 April 2019]
Republican decree issued appointing Chairman of Board of Directors of Saba
[20 April 2019]
Information Minister places wreath of flowers on tomb of martyr president al-Samad
[19 April 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army attacks, takes over strategic sites in Jawf
[20 April 2019]
Army attacks Saudi-paid mercenaries in Jawf
[20 April 2019]
Thi-Naem district of Bayda fully purged of Al-Qaeda, Daesh elements: Army Spokesman
[20 April 2019]
YPC: None of the 4 ships, waited by company at Hodeidah port have arrived
[19 April 2019]
Army kills, injures tens of Saudi-led mercenaries in Taiz
[19 April 2019]
Coalition continue to violate Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army liberates more than 50 sites, inflicts on mercenaries heavy losses: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours ; Report
[15 April 2019]
Fear in cholera time ..... !!
[14 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led troops heavy losses over last hours : Report
[14 April 2019]
Yemeni victories and aggression`s failure: Report
[20 April 2019]
YPC announces alert to receive vessels of oil derivatives after release
[19 April 2019]
FM congratulates his counterpart of Zimbabwe on National Day
[18 April 2019]
Minister of Social Affairs and Labor meets UNICEF representative
[17 April 2019]
Planning Minister meets Humanitarian Affairs' Expert in UNICEF
[17 April 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition's troops heavy losses over last 24 hours : Report
[11/February/2019] PROIVNCES, Feb.11 (Saba) - The army, supported by popular forces, over last 24 hours, inflicted on the mercenaries of US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition heavy losses during several attack, said a military official told Saba.

The army attacked the sites of saudi-led mercenaries in Rashaha Gharbia, off Najran.

The artillery force shelled at their fortifications and sites in the area left huge casualties among them.

Two Zizal-1 missiles were fired by the army on gatherings of mercenaries off Sudis while an enemy military vehicle was destroyed in Ajasher desert which led to killing its crew's members.

In Raqabat Manara, the artillery force bombarded the saudi soldiers' gatherings and another gatherings of their mercenaries in Sawh area and Boka desert, off Najarn and Sudis, leaving heavy losses in their ranks.

In Jizan, the artillery force shelled gatherings of mercenaries off Qais mount and left heavy losses in their troops.

The artillery shelled other enemy's gatherings off Aleeb crossing, Asir.

The army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries west Majza killing an wounding dozens of them.

Two other infiltration by the mercenaries were repelled in Astar area, Jawf in spite of air cover which continued to five hours.

Tens others killed during this failed infiltration when the army ambushed them.

In Salaba, Khab Wa Shaaf district, the army killed and injured dozens of the mercenaries in an ambush set up there.

In Taiz, the army attacked sites of mercenaries in Dhab front leaving huge losses in their ranks.

In Tabshaia front, the engineering units ambushed the mercenaries causing direct casualties in their forces.

In Dhalea, the army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries in the outskirts of Damt killing and injuring dozens.

In Nehm, the army killed and injured scores of mercenaries during their failed attempt to infiltrate to the army sites Hareeb, Nehm district.
In Hajjah, The artillery shelled other gatherings of mercenaries east Nar mount, Haradh, causing heavy casualties in the enemy's ranks, said the official.


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