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President al-Mashat telephones Defense Minister
[25 April 2019]
Bayda residents affirm to mobilize, back fronts
[25 April 2019]
Training course on combating cholera concluded in Mahwait
[25 April 2019]
Sports Week begins in Hodeidah with Martyr al-Samad Cup's competitions launching
[25 April 2019]
Targeting telecom service will have disastrous effects: Head of National Delegation
[25 April 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Armed forces liberate several military sites in Hajjah
[25 April 2019]
Video footage shows army liberating Dhalea's Al-Hasha
[25 April 2019]
Artillery and air forces launch Joint attack on saudi site in Jizan
[25 April 2019]
Footage shows mercenaries’weapons, their munitions, equipment seized by army in Dhaleah
[25 April 2019]
Footage shows army inflicting saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses in Haradh
[25 April 2019]
Coalition’s troops continue to violate Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces
[25 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led coalition’s troops huge losses over last hours
[25 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last hours : Report
[24 April 2019]
Coalition continue to violate Sweden agreement over last hours, attacks provinces
[24 April 2019]
Coalition’s troops continue to violate Sweden agreement attacking several provinces
[23 April 2019]
Joe Biden announces intention to face Trump in 2020 presidential election
[25 April 2019]
Putin : N. Korea needs int'l guarantees
[25 April 2019]
IOF arrest Palestinian citizen from Al-Aqsa Mosque
[25 April 2019]
Russian official: Washington's decision on Al-Quds and the Golan is problematic in the Middle East
[25 April 2019]
Cleanliness Fund in Saada receives 132,000 liters of diesel from UNICEF
[25 April 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last hours : Report
[06/February/2019] PROVINCES, Feb. 6 (Saba) - The army, supported by popular forces, over the last 24 hours inflicted on the mercenaries of US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition forces huge losses during attacks launched on various fronts, a military official told Saba on Wednesday.

The official added that the army launched a wide-scale attack which was launched from three axis against the sites of mercenaries in Qanya, Bayda province, which resulted in scores of dead and wounded in the enemy's ranks while the rest have fled.

The army destroyed a military vehicle and seized a quantity of various weapons during this attack, he added.

He said that the army launched another offensive in Natiaa district which left huge casualties in the enemy's ranks.

In Taiz province, the army killed and injured tens of mercenaries in Wazaia junction and caused in the ranks heavy material losses during an attack launched on the enemy's sites from three directions.

Three mercenaries were killed while two others injured in an ambush set up in Quahifa area.

The army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries' forces in Haifan front which left huge losses in their troops.

In Dhalea province, the artillery shelled mercenaries' sites in Nakil Khashaa causing huge losses among them.

In Hajah province, the army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries in Mazrak area, Haradh front.

During attempting to infiltrate toward the sites of army to recover the areas, which they lost earlier, the army killed and wounded tens of those mercenaries.

An military vehicle, carrying a machine gun, was destroyed in the same area and its crew's members were killed.

In Haradh front, the army killed and injured dozens of the mercenaries while they were trying to infiltrate toward the army's sites east Nar mount.

Meanwhile, the artillery shelled other enemy's fortifications and gatherings in the same front.

In Jizan, the artillery force bombarded other militiamen's gatherings off Qais mount killing and inuring tens.

It also bombarded other gatherings for saudi army in Tabat hamra and surrounding areas in the east of Jabal Jahfan.

The artillery force shelled other saudi fortifications and gatherings in the east of Dood mount and left heavy losses in their ranks.

Two military vehicle loaded with mercenaries were destroyed in Boka and Ajasher deserts off Najran.

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