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President meets deputy Minister of Interior
[19 March 2019]
President hails Saada residents' patriotic stances in foiling aggression conspiracies
[19 March 2019]
President al-Mashat meets Chief of Staff of Hamdan Brigade
[19 March 2019]
Shura member sworn in before President al-Mashat
[19 March 2019]
PM stresses the importance of establishing Yemeni universities for specialized research centers in Sanaa
[19 March 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Two ballistic missiles attack Saudi-paid mercenaries in Jizan
[20 March 2019]
Army attacks Saudi-paid mercenaries in Jawf
[19 March 2019]
Saudi aggression warplanes launch 57 strikes on Yemen: Army Spokesman
[18 March 2019]
Saudi aggression commits 1019 breaches in Hodeidah cease-fire: Army Spokesman
[18 March 2019]
Army wages attack on Saudi-paid mercenaries in Jawf
[18 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition's troops heavy losses overs last 24 hours : Report
[19 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours
[18 March 2019]
Army kills dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries in various attacks
[16 March 2019]
7 civilian killed, 7 wounded in saudi-led attacks on several provinces over last 24 hours : Report
[14 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition heavy losses over last 24 hours
[12 March 2019]
Parliament's Speaker congratulates his Tunisian counterpart on Independence Day
[18 March 2019]
Yemen, MSF Dutch and Spanish discuss cooperation aspects
[18 March 2019]
Ministry of Expatriate Affairs: 3 Yemenis martyred in terrorist attack on worshipers in New Zealand
[18 March 2019]
FM congratulates his Irish counterpart on National Day
[17 March 2019]
Legendary Steadfastness Yemeni Confronting US-Saudi Aggression: Report
[17 March 2019]
öArmy inflicts heavy losses on saudi-led coalition over last few hours : Report
[10/January/2019] SANAA, Jan. 10 (Saba) - The army, supported by popular forces, have achieved field victories during confrontations with the Saudi enemy and its mercenaries on several fronts during the last 24 hours, A military source told Saba.

The army heroes supported by the Popular forces carried out an offensive operation on a number of hilltops in Al-Hammad in Najran resulted in the deaths and injuries of dozens among the ranks of mercenaries of the Saudi army.

The army foiled an infiltration of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries in Al-Hammad with the participation of military aircraft and Apache, killing and injuring a number of them.

The source pointed out that the army and the popular forces repulsed another infiltration of the mercenaries on several hilltops east of Jaffan in Jizan with the support of military aircraft and Apache.

The battle led to the deaths and injuries among the mercenaries'ranks.

The source pointed out that a 50-caliber machine gun was damaged off in Jabal Qays and a military pick-up carrying a machine was destroyed at the site of Amoud.

A military vehicle of the enemy was also burned with an artillery shell east of the dud.

Two mercenaries were shot dead off Mount Qais.

The source confirmed the implementation of two joint operations between the air force and artillery on the gatherings of mercenaries and their mechanisms in Qanya in the province of Bayda during the past two days.

The army, supported by popular forces, foiled an attempt of infiltration of mercenaries toward one of the areas in Qanya and targeted groups of their vehicles and their troops with artillery causing deaths and injuries among their ranks.

Dozens mercenaries were killed while others wounded in a bombing targeted their gatherings in Qanya.

 According to the source, a number of sites were liberated during an offensive operation in al-Dhahra district of Khab Wa Shaaf in Jawf, resulting in mercenaries.

During the attack the army caused heavy losses among the enemy's ranks.

Army artillery, supported by popular forces, clashed with mercenaries on the border of Khab Wa Shaaf causing direct causalities among the enemy.

 The source said that the missile force fired a ballistic missile type Badr1_ P on the mercenaries in Midi, Hajjah province.

A mercenary military vehicle was destroyed by the army in the north of Midi desert and those who were abroad were killed.

 An attack was launched on the mercenary sites east of Jabal al-Nar in the Hadar Front resulted in the death and wounding of scored of the mercenaries and seized weapons.

A mercenary was sniped at Jabal al-Husnin in the same war-front.

The source said that so-called Walid Qarmish, commander of the so-called battalion of the mobilization in Brigade 29 Mika, belonging to the mercenaries, was killed by the fire of army forces and popular forces in Nehm front.

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