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Tribal rally in Ibb to reject normalization with Zionist entity
[21 February 2019]
28 Saudi-paid collaborators freed in Ibb
[20 February 2019]
Prime Minister Meets YPC Executive Director
[20 February 2019]
Water Minister, UN Humanitarian Coordinator discuss cooperation aspects
[20 February 2019]
President discusses with President of Judicial Council judicial reforms' matrix
[20 February 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Hammdan tribesmen disown Saudi aggression-backed traitors
[21 February 2019]
Ten martyrs of women, child in saudi-led attacks within last 24 hours
[21 February 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses in Jawf
[21 February 2019]
Four saudi-led airstrikes hit hajjah
[21 February 2019]
Army: While our force ready to carry out phase of redeployment, coalition commits 219 violations
[21 February 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition heavy losses within 24 hours : Report
[21 February 2019]
Army kills dozens of saudi soldiers, mercenaries in Jizan during attacks : Report
[20 February 2019]
Army pounds Saudi-paid mercenaries over 24 hours
[19 February 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led coalition's, its mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours : Report
[17 February 2019]
Coalition continues over last hours to violate cease fire in Hodeidah, airstrikes on Hajjah, Saada provinces
[16 February 2019]
Foreign Minister meets UNICEF's new representative
[20 February 2019]
FM meets UNICEF new Resident Representative
[20 February 2019]
Health Office in Sanaa receives medical supplies from WHO
[20 February 2019]
Health Minister meets UNFPA representative
[19 February 2019]
Foreign Ministry condemns al-Azhar terrorist bombing in Cairo
[19 February 2019]
We will destroy all Hezbollah tunnels : Israel
[07/December/2018] SANAA, Dec. 7 (Saba)- The occupation Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Ofir Gindelman said the "North Shield" operation would continue until Hezbollah's tunnels were completely destroyed.

 This came at a time when the Israeli army announced the discovery of a new tunnel west of Galilee.

"These tunnels are a threat to the security of Israel and its citizens," Guindelman said in an interview Thursday. "The purpose of the tunnels is to bring hundreds of terrorists into the north of the country, encircle several towns and slaughter our citizens in their homes."

According to Gendelman, "Hezbollah has for years dug these offensive tunnels and spent hundreds of millions of dollars and considers it a strategic weapon to occupy the Galilee."

Commenting on a question about the "silence of Hezbollah" on the subject of tunnels, the Israeli official said that the party "in a state of great confusion, he sees how to deprive him of his strategic weapon thanks to technological capabilities and intelligence is unparalleled in the world."

Gendelman called on the international community to condemn the Lebanese government and hold it fully responsible for what is happening on its territory, in addition to imposing severe sanctions on Hezbollah, which "violated Israeli sovereignty."

Find new tunnels

These statements coincided with the announcement by the Israeli army that he had found a second tunnel for Hezbollah cross-border in the Western Galilee, after the discovery of an underground corridor two days ago in the eastern part of the region.

According to the army, the second tunnel was launched in a Lebanese village under a number of houses and crossed into Israeli territory near the village of Zarit.

The army confirmed that the soldiers were working in a third location, also in the Western Galilee, where an army spokesman pointed out that there were other locations where the army believed that Hezbollah had dug tunnels into Israeli territory, but the exact number of tunnels and other details related to them can not be posted From the Israeli military censor.

Moshe Yaalon: We knew about tunnels for years

In the echoes of Operation Northern Shield, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon admitted that the government had concealed information about Hezbollah's spending for several years, defending the decision by saying it was to "deceive Hezbollah."

According to Israeli media, residents of the north of the country have said for years that they heard the sounds of digging and digging underground, but the Israeli army refused to pay attention to this.

During his tenure as defense minister, Ya'alon was asked at least twice - in 2015 and 2016 - of Hezbollah's offensive tunnels entering Israeli territory from southern Lebanon, and in both cases he denied.

Ya'alon joined a group of Israeli officials who criticized the way in which the Israeli occupation army efforts to destroy Hezbollah tunnels were revealed and accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of exaggerating the process, although they acknowledged its importance to Israel's security.

Some objected to the reference to the Northern Shield as a process - which gives the impression of an offensive campaign - not as an effort or a move.

Ya'alon said: "There is an exaggeration in the way the process was presented, and I hope that does not harm us," stressing, however, that "the decision to do so was taken professionally and came from within the army."

UNIFIL forces on Thursday confirmed a tunnel near the Blue Line on the border between Lebanon and Israel.

Source: Israeli media

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