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[22 May 2019]
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[18 May 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army seizes dozens of military vehicles from Saudi-paid mercenaries in Dhalea
[21 May 2019]
Army foils Saudi-paid mercenaries' attack in Najran
[20 May 2019]
Army targets military vehicle with crew in Marib
[20 May 2019]
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[20 May 2019]
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[18 May 2019]
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[19 May 2019]
Army inflicts on coalition’s ranks heavy losses over last hours : Report
[19 May 2019]
Army inflicts heavy losses on Saudi-led coalition over last hours : Report
[18 May 2019]
Army inflicts on coalition-led forces heavy losses on various fronts over last hours : Report
[14 May 2019]
Six civilians killed in coalition’s continued violation to Sweden agreement over last hours
[14 May 2019]
Mohammed bin Salman and his involvement in Yemen
[20 May 2019]
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[19 May 2019]
FM Meets with Deputy Resident Representative of UNICEF
[19 May 2019]
Yemen face structural, economic challenges
[18 May 2019]
Parliament Speaker congratulates Norwegian counterpart on Constitution Day
[17 May 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over 24 past hours
[30/November/2018] SANAA, Nov. 30 (Saba) - The army and popular forces over the 24 past hours achieved new victories in confronting the Saudi-led mercenaries and in defense of the homeland on various fronts , according to military reports obtained by Saba on Friday.

The missile force launched Badr-1 ballistic missile on the invaders and mercenaries' troops in the western coast where it hit its target directly, said the official.

in the western coast also, the army air forces' drones and artillery unit carried out a joint attack targeting troops of invaders and mercenaries .

In Jizan, a Zilzal-1 and number of artillery shells were launched on the Saudi army mercenaries' troops nearby Qais Mountain causing direct casualties among their ranks.

In Najran, the army and popular forces foiled an infiltration attempt of the mercenaries in al-Sawh near Najran killing and injuring dozens.

In Asir, scores of Katyusha rockets and number of artillery were fired at the mercenaries' troops west of Majazah and nearby Aleeb border crossing.

In Nehm district, the army and popular forces carried out an offensive on the mercenaries' sites in al-Qatab killing and injuring dozens.

In Bayda province, dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured in two attack launched by the army on their sites in Qaniah front.

In Lahj province, the army liberated a number of strategic sites from the mercenaries in al-Qabitah front in an offensive launched during of which the mercenaries were inflicted heavy losses.

In Jawf province, mercenaries' infiltration attempt to the army sites were foiled in Ham front in al-Maton district while the artillery targeted the mercenaries' sites in al-Ghail district causing direct casualtie.

A military vehicle carrying mercenaries was destroyed in al-Mahashemah area in Khab wa Ash Sha'af which led to killing and injuring all its crew's members.

In Taiz province, a military vehicle was destroyed in Kazm area of Hibshy Mountain which led to killing and injuring its crew's members.

The army artillery targeted the mercenaries' gatherings in Muthalath Ahem in Harradh district and the enemy troops in Hiran district, causing direct casualties among them.

In Hiran, a military vehicle was destroyed and its crew members were killed in artillery shelling which led destroying also two other military vehicles.


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