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Foreign Minister Meets United Nations Coordinator
[15 June 2019]
Member of SPC, Interior Minister Visit the Mufti
[12 June 2019]
Issued a circular on publications , documents to be used abroad: Ministry of Justice
[12 June 2019]
Situation in Aden is disastrous due to continued occupation: Governor of Aden
[12 June 2019]
President mourns deaths of Hussein al-Kabsi
[12 June 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Abha and Jizan airports out of service: Yahya Sare’e
[16 June 2019]
Yemeni drones targets Abha ,Jazan airports
[16 June 2019]
Army destroys 3 Saudi' military vehicles in Jawf
[15 June 2019]
Army targeting air navigation radars at Abha airport: Army' spokesman
[15 June 2019]
Army kills, injures dozens of mercenaries' sites in Taiz
[15 June 2019]
_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport
[10 June 2019]
3 children injured with aggression' artillery in Hodeidah, Saada: Reports
[27 May 2019]
US-Saudi aggression wages residential neighborhoods , vital installations over 24 past hours in Hodeidah: Reports
[27 May 2019]
Aggression forces continue to breach Hodeidah agreement, hit Taiz, Saada over 24 past hours : Reports
[25 May 2019]
Coalition continues to violate cease fire agreement in Hodiedah, to attack provinces: Report
[19 May 2019]
Lise Grande delivers a letter from President to Secretary-General of United Nations: Minister of Foreign Affairs
[11 June 2019]
Discuss UNDP projects in Yemen
[31 May 2019]
FM meets UN official
[29 May 2019]
FM congratulates Ethiopian counterpart on National Day
[27 May 2019]
Attacks on infrastructure must stop , give priority to calls for peace in Yemen: UNICEF
[27 May 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Salvation Govt condemns aggression massacre in Saada
SANAA, Aug. 9 (Saba) - The National Salvation Government condemned on Thursday in the strongest terms the horrific massacre committed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes against children's bus in the northern province of Saada.

"The aggression coalition waged deliberate raids against civilians, targeting children and women in particular, in a blatant defiance of all international conventions," the government's official spokesman and Information Minister, Abdulsalam Jaber, said in a statement to Saba.

Jaber revealed that the victims of the aggression coalition's massacres against Yemeni people in last week only amounted more than 300 martyrs and wounded, which falls all false human rights slogans espoused by the United Nations.

He called on the international free human rights organizations and children's organizations to condemn these crimes, which are black points in the face of the international community.

"Saudi Arabia should not count on the US-Israeli protection, and it should expect a retaliation," Jaber said.

He added "The price of every drop of Yemeni blood spilled from a child, a woman, a young man, or a sheikh would be too exorbitant.”

Earlier the day, the Saudi-led aggression fighter jets launched several airstrikes, targeting a bus of students in Dhahyan district in, which resulted in killing 47civilians, mostly children, and wounding 77 others, according to medical sources.


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UPDATED ON : Sun, 16 Jun 2019 10:08:02 +0300