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Foreign Ministry condemns killing of Yemeni citizen in Mahra
[15 November 2018]
President al-Mashat appoints presidential adviser
[15 November 2018]
Saudi-led artillery bombards Thawra Hospital in Hodeidah
[15 November 2018]
Coalition launches dozens air strikes on Hodeidah
[15 November 2018]
Yemen's Oil ministry condemns forcing Saudi-led coalition three vessels to leave port of Hodeidah
[15 November 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army attacks Saudi military sites in Asir, kills dozens
[15 November 2018]
Army attacks sites of Saudi-led mercenaries in western coast
[15 November 2018]
Army foils Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries' infiltration in Bayda
[15 November 2018]
Video shows army destroying mercenaries' coalition’s vehicles in Najran
[15 November 2018]
Army launches offensive on Saudi-led coalition's mercenaries' camp in Marib
[15 November 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression wages provinces in the past 24 hour
[15 November 2018]
11 civilians killed, injured, series airstrikes on Hodeidah, Saada provinces
[14 November 2018]
At least army launches 1451 targeting operation against coalition's invaders in west coast : Report
[12 November 2018]
Report: Series of Saudi' airstrikes hit provinces in the 24 hours
[12 November 2018]
2 Civilians killed, 13 injured in aggression coalition-led crimes over past hours : Report
[11 November 2018]
UNFPA: 1,500 pregnant women face the risk of death in Hodeidah
[15 November 2018]
GFF signs contract with Slovak coach to lead national team in the Asian Cup finals
[14 November 2018]
America has chosen the wrong way to impose sanctions, it will be defeated : Rohani
[14 November 2018]
Shura Council sends letter to UN Secretary-General
[14 November 2018]
Putin calls for regular dialogue between ASEAN countries and Eurasian Union
[14 November 2018]
Special report: Yemen's late President Saleh al-Sammad is the symbol of Freedom
SANAA, July 29 (Saba) – Saleh Ali al-Sammad was Yemen's president of the Supreme Political Council until he was martyred by a drone strike conducted by the US-backed Saudi-UAE-led aggression coalition on his convoy in the country's Red Sea port city of Hodeidah on April 19, 2018.

Al-Sammad, the leading member of Ansarullah movement, was elected on August 15, 2016 by anti-aggression political parties to head the state.

Al-Sammad was born in Bani Ma'az in Sahar district in the far northern province of Saada on January 1, 1979. He graduated from Sanaa University and studied Islamic Sharia law in Saada. He was a student of Badr al-Deen al-Houthi, a leading spiritual leader of Zaidi doctrine.

He also worked as a teacher in Saada and held several political positions until he headed Ansarullah Political Bureau in 2011.

Sammad's Struggle for Freedom

In the office, President al-Sammad bravely adopted the enormous task of reconstructing the country's infrastructure that have been destroyed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition.

The coalition began a major aggression war against Yemen on March 2015 to impose its political and economic agenda over the Yemeni people and to occupy the Yemeni strategic islands and sea ports in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

President al-Sammad was always reaching his hands to a just peace that preserves Yemen's sovereignty, national security and unity. However, the coalition was always obstructing all UN-brokered peace efforts.

President al-Sammad had visited almost every fronts, encouraging the army and popular committees to defend the country against the foreign aggressors.

At the first days of April, the coalition declared to launch a major assault to occupy Hodeidah port city. President al-Sammad hurried to Hodeidah to mobilize the residents to defend the city.

Few hours after he met the residents and officials of Hodeidah, he was killed along with his escorts by several missiles fired from unmanned drone in an empty street in the city.

"We will receive the invaders with rifle butts and dagger heads," said President al-Sammad in his last words in a speech he delivered to a public meeting with Hodeidah's residents just few hours before his death.

The president's road to freedom is continuing to confront the foreign invaders who began their major assault on Hodeidah city on June 13, just less than two months after the US-backed coalition killed him.
After his death, al-Sammad' words remain a huge fire that inflames Yemen's people dignity and anger against the United States and its weak tools of Saudi and Emirati regimes.

Last week , al-Sammad-3 combat drone plane struck the international airport of the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi in a retaliatory attack to the arrogance of the US-backed Saudi and Emirati regimes' tyranny for their military aggression on Hodeidah.

And more long-range ballistic missiles, more likely to be named (al-Sammad), will hit the aggressors.

Written by Mona Zaid / zak

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UPDATED ON : Thu, 15 Nov 2018 17:48:00 +0300