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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
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Report: Yemen army inflicts Saudi troops heavy losses, controls sites over 24 hours

SANAA, June 14 (Saba) – The Yemen Army and popular have carried military operations, including missile, artillery, and sniping attacks, which inflicted the Saudi troops heavy losses during the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by Saba News Agency on Thursday.

In Yemen’s Western coast, Yemeni naval forces destroy a coalition barge off the coast of Hodeidah.

Also in western coast, Saudi-paid mercenaries and invaders were inflicted heavy losses due to an offensive on Odain triangle of Hais front, as well as 11 of mercenaries' military vehicles, including all crews and equipment, were destroyed during the qualitative operation on the Triangle.

The army and committees repelled an intensive infiltration toward Faza under the cover of war and reconnaissance planes, and military vehicle was destroyed and dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded during repelling their infiltration.

Engineering unit of the army and committees destroyed two military vehicles with explosive devices in eastern Taif and another in Hais.

In Jizan border province, a ballistic missile, Bader-1, was fired toward Faisal military city.

In border province of Najran, an offensive operation was carried out on mercenaries' sites in Adhyaq mount of Boqea front, killing and wounding dozens.

Also in Najran, the army and committees launched an attack on mercenaries' sites in Ramlia hill of Ajasher desert, killing. Injuring dozens and seizing military equipment.

Furthermore, a mercenaries' infiltration was repelled toward Adhyaq area in front of Khadhra border crossing, killing, wounding and captured dozens.

In additional, artillery force of the army and committees shelled the mercenaries during their infiltration, backed with air cover, in Ramlia hills and numbers of hills in front of Khadhra crossing.

In Ajasher hill of Najran, two mercenaries' infiltration attempts were foiled in Masader hill, killing and wounding dozens of them, while five of the mercenaries were killed, four captured and a military vehicle was damaged in Adhyaq desert of Boqea.

Also in Najran, a military vehicle was destroyed by a guided missile in Awadhi mount of Boqea, killing all its crew.

In Asir border Saudi province, the army and committees controlled several hills in the west of Majaza, killing and wounding dozens of the mercenaries.

In Hajjah province, the army and committees retook Nar mount in Haradh district and inflicted the mercenaries heavy losses, seizing military equipment.

In Taiz province, the army and committees carried out an unique offensive on mercenaries' sites in Aynain front of Habshi mount, killing and wounding dozens

Also in Aynain front, The army and committees controlled numbers of sites, inflicting the me heavy losses.

Furthemire, dozens of the mercenaries were killed and wounded during repelling their infiltration attempt toward Aynain area.

The army and committees also cleared several hills in Owaid mount during military operation.

In Maqbana district of Taiz, many of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and wounded during repelling their infiltration attempt in Hamir front.

Written by Sameera Hassn
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UPDATED ON : Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:53:08 +0300